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THE Heavy Weather Passage - Lunenburg NS to Marigot, St. Martin
by davepatriarche

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My Adventure Story

This is the track of our passage from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to Marigot, St. Martin.  We originally intended a stop in Bermuda but due to the remanants of Hurricane Patricia, holed up in Shelburne NS, for a day to wait out the high winds and seas we'd otherwise be facing head on.


We were crew upon Quetzal, a 47 foot Kaufman, captained by the author of many sailing books and MANY sea miles, John Kretschmer You can learn more about him and his travels at his site


The planned trip was over 1500 Nautical Miles in length.  With our various course changes to avoid poor weather, cross the Gulf Stream at the best point, deal with a variety of wind shifts and a Gulf Stream Meander, we actually sailed a total of 3,208 km or 1732 Nautical Miles.  We sailed a total of 267 hours (that removes the 36 hours waiting out the storn) and averaged around 6.5 knots over the duration of the trip.


We encountered seas from 1-3 meters most days but up to 4 or 5 meters (15 feet) on some.  Winds averaged between 10-20 knots but many days were in the 20-25 knot range with peak gusts hitting around 35 knots (70 kph).


The track is provided by a SPOT transponder that is set to transmit location every hour.  In some cases due to cloud cover and heavy rain you will see some transmissions were missed. 


Overall a great experience with a solid crew and a fantastic skipper.

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