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RawHyde Urban Assault 2013
by 5catsorg
United States California Los Angeles
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My Adventure Story

Me and Maria left Santa Barbara bright and early in time to meet at Aether HQ on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles by 0800, where we had a great reunion with the folks from RawHyde Adventures, coffee and breakfast burritos, and get ready for the urban assault.

It was fun!  We drove a bunch of roads most never do, including right up to the Hollywood sign.  Neat.  Lots of other cool places.

The afternoon wrapped up with an LA Motor Officer skill course laid out at by a studio warehouse and lunch, followed by a riding skills competition.

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to wonderful Maria, as she headed back to Santa Barbara while I headed through the remainder of afternoon LA traffic to points South, where work loomed early the next day.

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