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My Adventure Story

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This is a trip of a lifetime for me. I have been wondering and dreaming if I would ever do this. I have loved riding motorcycles since I started 5 years ago. Even before getting on a bike, I knew I wanted to ride to off beaten paths, see amazing vistas, and make friends along the way. In the last 2-3 years, I started to gather magazines, books, join forums, and talk to riders about making long trips and the proper way to do it. It was a slow process. But, I knew I would as everything was slowly coming to a peak of just going on a trip. The more I fantasized, the more it became real. 

This trip is comprised of many small trips into one. 
1. Spend a summer in PEI again
2. Breaking the monotony of one job, one place
3. Seeing sites that I have heard and read about
4. Getting to know the real America
5. Lending my skills to small places, small people
6. To better understand what is really happening with our food
7. Create new relationships 



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