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Antigua & Barbuda 2017
by davepatriarche
Antigua and Barbuda Saint Paul English Harbour
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My Adventure Story

This was our first sailing adventure to Antigua and Barbuda in February 2017.  


Dave, Joanne, Sherry and Owen sailed out of English Harbour on a Jeanneau 47 rented through Sunsail for a jaunt around the islands. The base was outstanding with great staff that worked on our schedule.  Thier normal compliment consists of just 12 boats (47monos and 444 cats make up half of it) so nowhere else will you get this kind of service.


We had a great trip with stops at Deep Bay (The Bates Hotel), Cocoa Bay (Lady Diana beach), Long Island (Jumby Bay), Great Bird Island (best snorkling), Jolly Harbour (Al Porto), Carlisle Bay (Massages) and returned to Enlsh Harbour and Nelsons Dockyard.


The longest sail was about 33 NM with overall good sailing conditions (though never quite enough wind and some swelly dats that hit close to 2 meters).  Overall we covered about 110 NM in the week.  Afew long sails and a few very short ones.  The rough route is here if interested


With the direct flight being only 4.5 hours, we may have found a new cruising ground.  The only downside is that there are far too few beach bars and places that are friendly and affordable to yachters.  The upside is we ate healthier on the boat as well as more often (thanks Sherry and Owen) and much more extravagantly when ashore (thanks Visa:-). 

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